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Root'n Toot'n

Hillbilly Country Trio/Duo with a Rockabilly twist

Root'n Toot'n were formed in 2005 with their first show at Skipton Country Music Festival in August of that year. The trio was the brainchild of Mandy Stroud who gained many years experience with popular hillbilly trio The Smokey Mountain Boys. With co-founder Colin Mee and combining his experience of some 30+ years on the rockabilly scene, they came up with a real good mix of old time country with a rockabilly twist. This formula has enabled the trio to carve out a niche in the UK and european country music scene and sees them performing at many clubs and festivals around the country.

Line up:
Colin Mee - Lead Vocal/Rhythm Guitar
Mandy Stroud - Double Bass/Vocals
Stuart Turner - Lead Guitar/Mandolin/Vocals

To date, Root'n Toot'n have recorded and released 6 CD albums on the Skip Records Label
2006 - "Raw and Uncut" SKCD-02
2008 - "Making Hay" SKCD-03
2009 - "Dawg Gawn It" SKCD-05
2011 - "Another Nail In My Liver" SKCD-07
2012 - "A Hole In My Pocket" SKCD-12
2018 - "One Wheel Draggin" SKCD-19

Tel: 07817 063143
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